Mark your calendars!

17/10 2019 is THE date that should be in every HR professionals calendar. That marks the day that we gather up to 400  of the nordic regions most curious HR professionals under the roof of Royal Technological Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. 
You can of course save your seat as of now if you want to make sure that you can attend to this years most inspiring event within HR technology!

The line up on HR Bulletin 2019 - What's next? is focused on technology and speakers that are not commonly known or seen in the nordic region. This to make sure that we inspire you with something that you have never seen before in our region!

HR Bulletin 2019 - What's next? is for HR professionals that want to gather inspiration to further develop and take the next step in your companies digital journey.
Maybe you have stumbled across the same platforms and technologies over and over again and still don't fit the technology that actually will make your organization and talent acquistion go boom?
Well, look no further, this is where HR Bulletin 2019 - What's next? is perfect for you!