Top HR Tech vendor partner up with HR Bulletin

Finland’s top HR tech vendor RecRight joins HR Bulletin 2019 - What's next? as a Gold Trusted Partner in Stockholm on the 16th of October

For Finland’s number one modern recruitment tech vendor RecRight with over 400 clients mainly in the Nordics, this is a strategic partnership. RecRight is a video recruitment platform consisting of a video interviews tool and an applicant tracking system (ATS). It helps enterprise hiring teams to hire the right people faster.

“When HR Bulletin approached us suggesting this partnership, for us it was a no-brainer decision. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our software, share the undeniable benefits of video interviews to the hiring teams, and more importantly to meet our users in an event that offers such a huge impact to the whole HR tech and recruitment ecosystem in the Nordics. KTH in Stockholm pretty much breaths technology and innovation, and that’s a place we want to be in", says Riku Malkki, RecRight CEO.

RecRight was one of the first vendors we reached out to with the interest of partnering up. They are a perfect partner for us as they demonstrate innovation and genuine dedication to their customers through their product. They are on a mission to challenge traditional and inefficient ways of recruiting and instead they embrace new methods such as video interviews to make recruitment processes more streamlined. Companies and people driving innovation - that is what we want from a partnership”, says Emil Boettge, Partnership Manager at HR Bulletin.

RecRight is having a demo booth during HR Bulletin 2019 in Stockholm to demonstrate how video interviews really work. Save your seat today!