Global HR Tech vendor partner up with HR Bulletin

Founded in 2001 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Textkernel is a true pioneer in the industry. The company has successfully been delivering AI-powered technology to companies looking to better connect people and jobs.
Today they work with 6 out of 10 top global staffing companies and over 1,000 companies worldwide, who want to drive HR transformations and
build a future that delivers more talent-driven value to their organizations.

"We always wanted Textkernel to be some part of HR Bulletin. For us Textkernel highlights the key focus on why HR Bulletin came to life after all. That the technology that we're talking about everyday, is actually already out there. To adapt to your businesses.
But almost no one in the nordics know that these type of vendors exists. Getting Textkernel to join the HR Bulletin family is therefor a perfect match"

says Emil Boettge, Partnership Manager of HR Bulletin.

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