About us

HR Bulletin was created from the idea that todays enterprises inside the nordic region are lacking input from the outside world of HR Tech. 
The founders of HR Bulletin has visisted several events in our region as well as internationally. And the big difference is that the topic varies so much when it comes to what and how technology is adapted. 


Coming from over 20 years in the talent acquisition game, we have seen a gap between the current available technology out there. And the technology used by nordic companies. And that is why HR Bulletin was created. To give new input to something that is gonna affect our everyday worklife in the future to come. 

HR Bulletin - a part of 9 Gruppen. 
9 Gruppen is an organization of companies with different expertise, but all  with a common that it touch base with human capital and business development.
To succeed in this areas we beleive that you have to have an updated knowledge on the whole process of how people act together with the technology that lays ahead of us. 
The great understanding of how a human interacts with the technolgy is seldom seen to correlate with the way the technology was developed from the beginning. This is what we at 9 Gruppen want to change and help with.