Louise, Jens, Martina och Patrik.

As a Gold - Trusted Partner to HR Bulletin 2019, you will not only become our closest partner during an event, but also a major contributor to larger and better productions for our visitors. A maximized co-exposure with our brand HR Bulletin 2019 will not only strengthen your brand it will also strengthen the business for you.

Main partner

As a Gold - Trusted Partner, you will be presented as the main partner during a selected event under the name HR Bulletin 2019 according to your wishes. Perfect for getting local knowledge of your brand in the city in question.

Social Media & Webcontent

We at 9Events are different in content and social media. Production both before, during and after each event means maximum exposure to your brand and we also talk about joint interviews or the like to strengthen your message to the maximum. The fact that your banners and logos are visible on our website also feels it obvious.


Besides all the obvious exposure around the event, you will of course have the opportunity for demo tables and rollups both on stage and in co-branding with our own rollups. Also shown logo on moving stock on large screens and in several places in the room.


A Gold - Trusted Partner gets 10 customer tickets to be distributed to selected customers for the event you sponsor.


69 900SEK